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Job seekers and curious shoppers can get a glimpse of company culture through the power of social networks. See images, branding and watch explainer videos on our social discovery platform of digital media.

Find cool companies, great workplaces, discover new brands, and places to shop. You can fill out surveys anonymously to earn chits (Bitcoin) and this feedback will help companies cater to your needs and employers to create work experiences for you. Click here to begin your search.


Big Data for Employers

Critical Decision Making
We believe that the great problem of our time is filtering. We simply have too much content to sift through, too many blogs to read, podcasts to listen to and shows to watch. You could probably try to stay awake and binge every show on Netflix and never get to the end. Therefore, what you consume must be highly focused.

Quantitative Research
Our secondary market research consists of compiled information, top solutions in various knowledge areas. Our primary market research and surveys of employees and students (the next generation of employees) across the world gathers their critical opinions and feedback anonymously to aggregate from surveys.

Free Up Your Time!
Research Upon believes that your time is critical for decision making, creativity, and that being busy is a choice. We are here to help you filter the Internet with a curated list of more than 100,000 companies and suggest what competitors to watch out for; and to get you the best resources, employees, vendors and partners.

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Lockheed Martin

Canada Goose




Mastercraft Boats



Boston Dynamics



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