MakerBot’s Thingiverse is a community for discovering, making and sharing 3D printable things.

MakerBot's Thingiverse is the community for discovering, making and sharing 3D printable things.

3D Systems

Enabling end-to-end digital manufacturing solutions to accelerate and enhance your workflow. #MfgInnovation

3D Systems’ additive manufacturing solutions combine materials, software and expert services to transform your application workflow.


The world’s leading youth-serving nonprofit advancing #STEM. #morethanrobots 2019-20: #FIRSTRISE powered by @StarWars: #ForceForChange

570,000 youth. 250,000 volunteers. 100+ countries. It's . It's a movement. powered by :



Welcome to the official Twitter account of Stratasys Ltd. (NASDAQ: SSYS). Follow us for the latest Stratasys news.


Powerful, affordable 3D printers for professionals.


Transforming manufacturing with revolutionary, affordable metal and carbon fiber . Developing Blacksmith, AI software for Adaptive Manufacturing.

3D Printing Store

A full service 3D print shop to meet all of your design needs. From idea, to concept, to design and finally the print job itself. We can do it all.


Digital Prototypes, CNC, 3D Printing, CAD Services and much more...


Fathom provides advanced rapid prototyping and on-demand low volume production services.

iPRINT Technologies

We understand that 3D printing is more than a hobby... It's a revolution! iPrint are the makers of 3D Stuffmaker, built for the greatest innovators of our time.

Orangewood Labs

"Awesome furniture for your workspace" 🌐 📥Business 📍Palo Alto|Delhi 🛍️ Buy it on Flipkart

We are building Robots to move humanity forward! Seems like it's the 80's and we are building computers!

Mixed Dimensions

An integral reality company, creating new technologies for bridging the virtual and physical worlds through an innovative software platform.


SoliDDD is a 3D technology company. We recently introduced the world's first truly lifelike autostereo, with vastly greater depth and larger viewing areas.

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